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You complete the mission by killing all the enemies.
Midnight Strike
You infiltrate into the enemy base and destroy everything.
Indiana Jones In Odd World
You collect the keys and pass through the gates as Indiana jones.
Daffy's Studio Adventure
You get Duffy Duck through the studio sets using the catwalk.
Gold Strike
You get score by breaking colourful boxes with your pickaxe.
You try to get same-color balls together.
Beaver Brothers
Beavers pick bricks at a construction.
Paradise Island Puzzle
You complete a nice picture correctly matching the pieces.
Pinball Smash Up
You break the bricks without dropping the ball.
Mahjong Tower
The common-known mahjong game.
Shadow Of The Hamunaptra
You get points by walking inside labyrinths and pass to the next level.
You complete the mission by killing enemies.
Counterstrike Training Area
You kill the enemies as in Counterstrike game.
You kill enemies and collect the keys and golds.
Storm The House
You defend your base that your enemy attacks continuously to invade.
Battle Arena
You upgrade your weapons and skills and then fight with monsters.
Arkanoid Flash
You get the point by breaking bricks without dropping the ball.
A nice pacman game.
Toon Shift
You try to sort and package the workers coming on a band.
Tetrollapse Tetris
A nice tetris game.
Girl Rescue
You rescue the girl from gorilla by passing difficulties.
Hoops Mania
You make basket by choosing the player to throw the ball.
A nice sonic game.
Bike Mania 2
You surmount all the obstacles as soon as possible.
Commando Arena
You destroy enemy robots with your own robot.
You take back your treasure that crow has stolen as an ant.
Houdini: London Tower
You find your friend missed in tower.
The Professionals
You shoot on the moving targets as a sniper.
The Adventures Of Bibo
You complete your missions by destroying your enemies.
Gold Miner
You get the points by collecting gold.
You get the shape that shown you by rearranging the stacks.
Scary Sleep Over
You try to make guest scared and go him away from the house until 6 AM.
Jumpin Jacko
You rescue captives and run away from bad guys.
3 Foot Ninja
You kill ninjas and collect the missing scrolls.
Speedy Bubbles
You destroy the same color bubbles by getting them together.
Cable Capers 2
You try to escape from underground by killing enemies and collecting colored cables.
You get training as a S.W.A.T. sniper.
Cutie Quake
You shot everything that moves on the screen.
Fighting School
You fight men attacking you.
Flying Man
You try to reach finish without touching wall with electricity.
Splatman Mini
You clear the screen and get points by eating the dots on your way.
Space Dude
You kill aliens.
Fishing Trip
You try to catch more fish every level by developing your equipment.
Tom And Jerry
You select first to act as Tom or Jerry and then play.
American's Army
You shoot the targets appear in the training field.
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